Thank you for donating to the Campership Appeal!

In an age of often unchecked access to technology, it is more important than ever to help kids plug into the natural world. That is why we are asking you to “help a kid plug into nature” this summer at KNC!
Plugging into nature provides our community’s children with developmental, emotional, social, and physical benefits. A week at KNC Camp is an unparalleled opportunity to experience all of these benefits, which can be most profound for children experiencing poverty or other risk factors.
Through generous donations like yours, KNC has supplemented over 1,200 camp experiences since 2005. Camperships generally cover 20-80 percent of camp costs, which average $250 per week. Your gift to KNC’s 2017 Campership Fund will help us raise $30,000, and plug nearly 200 campers into nature – an experience that would otherwise be out of financial reach.
Thank you for helping a kid – or kids – plug into nature!  We are looking forward to a summer
filled with exploration, skill-building, friendships, and memory-making.

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